06:17 Nov 30, 2015  

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd

HSL Code: IFLLTD   |   BSE Code: 532466  |   NSE Symbol: OFSS  |   ISIN: INE881D01027
27 Nov 2015 | 15:41
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Scheme's Holding Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd
Scheme Name%AUMCMV(Rs. Cr)
HDFC Equity Fund - (D)1.98342.73
HDFC Top 200 Fund (D)1.34170.58
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G)1.34141.63
HDFC Tax Saver Fund (D)2.23106.93
HDFC Prudence Fund - (G)1.0891.96
ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G)0.5759.83
UTI-MNC Fund (D)2.8047.62
Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus (G)2.7231.04
AXIS Equity Fund (G)1.5029.10
HDFC Monthly Income Plan - LTP (G)0.5119.40
Birla Sun Life MNC Fund - A (D)0.6517.46
HDFC Small & Mid Cap Fund (G)1.8517.46
ICICI Pru Technology Fund (G)3.9517.06
HDFC Capital Builder -(D)1.3714.08
ICICI Pru Exports and Other Services Fund (G)1.6212.44
Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund (G)0.539.51
Peerless Equity Fund (G)4.979.31
ICICI Pru Equity - Arbitrage Fund (G)0.196.87
Franklin Infotech Fund - (G)3.355.82
Birla Sun Life India Opport Fund - B (G)4.374.66
Birla Sun Life `95 Fund (G)0.224.49
Taurus Starshare (G)2.284.37
IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund (G)1.433.88
DSP BR Technology.com (G)3.473.06
Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund (G)0.502.51
Birla Sun Life MIP II - Wealth 25 (G)0.232.33
GS Junior BeES1.501.56
LIC NOMURA MF Mid Cap Fund - Regular (G)1.571.20
LIC NOMURA MF Growth Fund (G)0.891.09
Taurus Discovery Fund (G)3.191.07
Kotak Equity Savings Fund (G)0.110.90
Taurus Ethical Fund - (G)3.170.90
Birla Sun Life Inter Equity - Plan B (G)0.850.89
Motilal Oswal MoSt Shares Midcap 100 ETF1.390.81
Peerless Income Plus Fund (G)0.940.73
IDBI Nifty Junior Index Fund (G)1.420.46
LIC NOMURA MF Balanced Fund - (D)1.410.44
HDFC CPO Fund - Series III - December 2014 (G)0.400.39
ICICI Pru Nifty Junior Index Fund (G)1.480.35
L&T Equity Savings Fund (G)0.560.35
Birla Sun Life Equity Savings Fund (G)0.080.30
LIC NOMURA MF Children`s Fund1.380.30
UTI-Spread Fund (G)0.050.29
LIC NOMURA MF CPO Fund - Series 1 (G)0.470.28
Peerless 3 In 1 Fund (G)0.990.26
L&T Arbitrage Opportunities Fund (G)0.080.23
LIC NOMURA MF Dual Advantage FTP - Sr.2 - Reg (G)0.810.22
LIC NOMURA MF CPO Fund - Series 2 (G)0.420.21
Principal Index Fund - Midcap (G)1.390.15
LIC NOMURA MF CPO Fund - Series 3 (G)0.350.13
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