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Top Tax Saving Schemes

List of top tax saving (ELSS) schemes ranked on the basis of 3 year returns.
Category : Fund House :
Note: Returns for periods 1 year and below are absolute % returns and for periods above 1 year are Annualised % returns. SI - Since Inception.
Scheme Name
AUM(Rs. Cr.)
IDBI Equity Advantage Fund - Direct (D)279.54-4.04-4.5814.6661.890.000.0051.70
Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund - Direct (D)4,331.51-3.22-3.466.6560.230.000.0031.29
SBI Tax Advantage Fund - Series III - Direct (G)35.08-5.49-2.469.3154.970.000.0050.44
AXIS Long Term Equity Fund - Direct (G)4,423.87-4.69-3.2913.3254.320.000.0035.54
Birla Sun Life Tax Relief `96 - Direct (G)2,053.96-4.21-2.3116.8052.090.000.0027.53
Birla Sun Life Tax Plan - Direct (G)248.19-4.21-2.4016.2850.730.000.0026.59
Escorts Tax Plan- Direct (G)3.35-3.15-0.2116.2548.590.000.0018.51
ICICI Pru R.I.G.H.T. Fund (D)68.79-5.53-3.4410.1448.2330.8021.6421.22
SBI Tax Advantage Fund - Series I (G)408.53-5.77-3.835.4347.9626.1612.6011.64
Religare Invesco Tax Plan - Direct (G)242.30-3.17-3.8311.0947.820.000.0027.69
SBI Tax Advantage Fund - Series II (G)55.32-5.34-4.125.4747.2130.150.0029.01
IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund - Direct (G)315.57-5.09-2.2816.7147.180.000.0027.34
BNP Paribas Long Term Equity Fund - Direct (G)358.60-3.86-2.909.9147.140.000.0025.36
Kotak Tax Saver - Direct (D)519.95-4.35-3.9611.4746.780.000.0018.19
Franklin India Taxshield - Direct (G)1,671.06-3.51-2.8210.3245.400.000.0025.71
Birla Sun Life Tax Savings Fund - Direct (G)24.82-4.24-2.4115.6542.310.000.0022.13
Tata Tax Saving Fund - Direct (D)206.80-3.84-3.9911.5341.810.000.0023.44
LIC NOMURA MF Tax Plan - Direct (G)46.89-4.28-3.6210.8841.340.000.0023.34
DSP BR Tax Saver Fund - Direct (G)1,121.19-4.63-3.076.7739.730.000.0022.49
JM Tax Gain Fund - Direct (D)34.35-4.59-2.835.6439.490.000.0021.33
Tata Tax Advantage Fund - 1 (G)105.05-3.62-4.1310.4737.7121.3313.8111.88
Reliance Equity Linked Saving Fund - Sr.I (D)137.01-3.01-2.545.5237.5820.1913.5614.03
Tata Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund (G)7.42-3.62-4.189.2837.2514.652.9011.77
JPMorgan India Tax Advantage Fund - Direct (G)10.52-3.65-3.729.7736.990.000.0020.57
Edelweiss ELSS Fund - Direct (D)56.60-3.96-3.1711.5836.980.000.0023.79
ICICI Pru Tax Plan - Direct (D)2,613.59-3.30-1.714.8536.870.000.0024.74
Baroda Pioneer ELSS `96 - Plan B - Direct (Bonus)43.32-3.88-3.216.1536.700.000.0041.72
SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme - Direct (G)5,430.80-3.82-4.157.2036.140.000.0022.58
BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund - Direct (G)51.42-4.16-3.798.5535.260.000.0022.50
Sundaram Tax Saver - Direct (G)1,262.17-3.88-2.727.1134.650.000.0017.20
DWS Tax Saving Fund - Direct (D)47.73-3.72-2.286.7834.220.000.0021.74
Canara Robeco Equity - Tax Saver - Direct (G)918.92-4.20-4.065.2533.830.000.0018.92
HDFC Tax Saver Fund - Direct (G)5,262.54-4.40-1.842.4633.320.000.0021.67
Principal Tax Saving Fund - Direct278.82-4.17-1.963.0233.060.000.0021.42
L&T Tax Advantage Fund - Direct (G)1,652.15-3.86-2.146.2132.990.000.0020.09
IDBI RGESS - Series I - Plan A - Direct (D)28.29-3.22-3.229.9232.940.000.0023.68
UTI-Equity Tax Savings Plan - Direct (G)601.37-3.83-3.216.2032.350.000.0019.06
HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund - Direct (G)207.83-2.85-2.974.0432.260.000.0020.03
Union KBC Tax Saver Scheme - Direct (D)84.91-4.03-2.226.9232.140.000.0020.10
Birla Sun Life RGESS - Series 1 - Direct (D)65.10-3.45-3.068.8631.710.000.0024.83
L&T Long Term Advantage Fund - Sr.I (G)1.90-4.17-0.517.6331.3220.7510.4020.10
IDFC Tax Saver (ELSS) (G)40.67-2.86-3.2411.6430.6822.2412.2011.87
UTI-Long Term Advantage Fund - Sr.II (G)142.74-3.87-2.893.9929.7619.6811.0012.17
L&T Tax Saver Fund (D)31.23-4.53-0.784.9229.7219.628.939.53
LIC NOMURA MF RGESS Fund Series 2 - Direct (G)20.35-2.90-1.065.0729.630.000.0029.95
UTI-Long Term Advantage Fund (G)236.30-3.86-2.884.0729.5518.178.618.02
Taurus Tax Shield - Direct (G)95.72-4.11-2.915.4428.820.000.0013.87
LIC NOMURA MF RGESS Fund Series 1 - Direct (D)25.66-2.97-1.014.2228.450.000.0024.87
Principal Personal Tax saver Fund - Direct (G)382.50-3.11-2.984.5028.160.000.0017.73
HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund - Direct (G)1,201.59-3.99-1.392.4226.880.000.0021.58
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