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Top Tax Saving Schemes

List of top tax saving (ELSS) schemes ranked on the basis of 3 year returns.
Category : Fund House :
Note: Returns for periods 1 year and below are absolute % returns and for periods above 1 year are Annualised % returns. SI - Since Inception.
Scheme Name
AUM(Rs. Cr.)
Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund - Direct (D)2,871.53-3.04-0.2959.7381.520.000.0031.06
SBI Tax Advantage Fund - Series I (G)389.81-0.842.6346.0465.0116.1313.9410.18
SBI Tax Advantage Fund - Series II (G)45.25-1.820.9346.3464.480.000.0030.08
AXIS Long Term Equity Fund - Direct (G)1,572.210.215.7444.2362.260.000.0036.18
ICICI Pru Tax Plan - Direct (D)2,095.14-0.470.4438.3061.970.000.0027.54
HDFC Tax Saver Fund - Direct (D)4,606.58-2.02-0.6443.1761.740.000.0025.70
ICICI Pru R.I.G.H.T. Fund (G)67.05-0.753.3741.4561.6222.010.0019.75
Principal Tax Saving Fund - Direct250.57-1.270.4238.2956.840.000.0025.18
Sahara Tax Gain Fund - Direct (G)13.00-2.11-2.7538.2254.010.000.0023.39
Religare Invesco Tax Plan - Direct (D)177.700.903.4538.4153.110.000.0027.09
JM Tax Gain Fund - Direct (G)33.82-1.341.6642.4551.190.000.0021.65
HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund - Direct (D)1,071.51-0.222.8935.8850.610.000.0027.52
SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme - Direct (D)4,735.99-0.243.1335.8049.780.000.0024.54
HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund - Direct (G)196.91-1.650.5438.7049.560.000.0021.57
Birla Sun Life Tax Relief `96 - Direct (D)1,656.12-0.453.2834.9549.540.000.0023.92
DSP BR Tax Saver Fund - Direct (G)894.03-0.972.0537.1448.660.000.0023.52
Birla Sun Life Tax Plan - Direct (G)153.49-0.463.2134.2948.350.000.0023.06
Reliance Equity Linked Saving Fund - Sr.I (D)123.90-1.470.4633.3147.9214.4716.9313.20
IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund - Direct (D)221.320.033.7432.0846.750.000.0025.23
Principal Personal Tax saver Fund - Direct (G)371.94-0.851.9233.2445.850.000.0019.83
BNP Paribas Tax Advantage Plan (ELSS) - Direct (G)235.000.322.9536.6745.620.000.0024.17
LIC NOMURA MF RGESS Fund Series 1 - Direct (D)22.15-0.682.0236.3345.280.000.0031.60
Escorts Tax Plan- Direct (D)2.89-0.865.4835.8944.540.000.0013.46
Franklin India Taxshield - Direct (D)1,
L&T Long Term Advantage Fund - Sr.I (D)1.77-0.931.4626.9944.0412.1914.3519.86
L&T Tax Saver Fund (D)30.52-1.050.7330.5243.6811.6010.388.88
Tata Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund (D)6.95-2.18-0.6144.6643.574.953.049.74
Tata Tax Saving Fund - Direct159.83-0.082.6232.3443.320.000.0021.99
Quantum Tax Saving Fund (D)22.850.180.1533.1442.5516.6418.1824.76
HDFC RGESS Fund - Series 1 - Direct (D)151.94-1.030.3034.1341.910.000.0030.45
UTI-Long Term Advantage Fund - Sr.II (D)134.92-0.201.8434.2041.0313.3313.5412.16
BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund - Direct (D)37.91-0.901.8028.9340.930.000.0022.86
Canara Robeco Equity - Tax Saver - Direct (D)781.04-0.862.1932.6840.390.000.0019.78
ING Tax Savings Fund - Direct (D)24.800.302.6832.6540.100.000.0018.75
L&T Tax Advantage Fund - Direct (G)1,389.44-0.211.7932.9340.000.000.0020.70
LIC NOMURA MF Tax Plan - Direct (D)33.540.004.4930.1540.000.000.0021.99
JPMorgan India Tax Advantage Fund - Direct (D)6.62-0.802.0932.4939.640.000.0019.57
UTI-Long Term Advantage Fund (D)221.70-0.181.8333.8138.5711.8810.967.59
Kotak Tax Saver - Direct (D)397.82-0.081.6532.2837.900.000.0011.42
Sundaram Tax Saver - Direct (G)1,203.48-1.191.1830.3437.310.000.0015.27
Tata Tax Advantage Fund - 1 (G)
ING Retireinvest Fund - Series I (D)1.51-0.432.6529.4037.1610.379.836.76
DWS Tax Saving Fund - Direct (D)45.10-0.072.5232.3537.040.000.0022.81
Union KBC Tax Saver Scheme - Direct (D)74.810.332.9631.4036.970.000.0022.00
UTI-Equity Tax Savings Plan - Direct (D)493.570.442.1629.9236.880.000.0020.02
Taurus Tax Shield - Direct (G)95.87-0.231.7430.4636.800.000.0013.91
UTI-Master Equity Plan Unit Scheme1,539.950.101.4028.9036.7613.0612.5721.40
Edelweiss ELSS Fund - Direct (D)37.91-0.412.0227.9135.410.000.0022.84
Birla Sun Life RGESS - Series 1 - Direct (D)52.64-0.161.6228.4234.880.000.0028.12
DSP BR RGESS Fund - Series 1 - Direct (G)56.64-0.771.7130.3334.400.000.0025.26
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